Untraceable BTC Payments

Secure to Your Online BitCoin Transactions

BitCoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency thought up by Satoshi Nakamoto who to this day remains as anonymous as the users behind the currency itself.

BitCoins assist us by being almost a completely anonymous payment method. Its a form of currency globally accepted for every day items and you are able to spend them just like normal money in many large online retailers.

Making payments and carrying out transactions in BTC is a very good way to keep your finances and personal purchases private but a lot of people forget to protect their personal identity when traveling around the web spending their hard earned coins.

BitCoin Proxy adds an additional layer of security to the currency by providing End to End SSL encryption between you and online retailers, marketplaces or trading exchanges.

So be smart when interacting with bitcoins online and add that additional anonymity to the currency by using our advanced SSL web proxy.


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